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You Can Get A TON of Grants & Scholarships, and More Financial Aid for College Than You Ever Thought Possible - If You Follow the Simple Techniques Revealed in "The No B.S. Guide To Getting Maximum College Financial Aid"!"


Here’s A Sampling of What You Will Learn:

A little-known Congressional ruling that could double the amount of your financial aid package.  
How the financial aid system really works and how to use it to your advantage.  
A little-known tax loophole that allows you to send your kids to college . . . and get your money back!  
College grants & scholarships are the most desirable forms of financial aid because it's money you don't have to pay back. You'll discover "where" to find an abundance, and "how" to easily tap into these vast pools of free money for college!
How to attend a prestigious private university for the same or less cost as a public university. (Find out what private colleges use to compete with the lower cost of public universities.)  
The two biggest mistakes most families make that causes getting less student financial aid, or even flat-out denial . . . and how to eliminate them.  
Everything you need to know about college student loans, and which ones are the absolute cheapest money you'll ever find.
Why BILLIONS of dollars in college financial aid goes unclaimed every single year … and how to use this knowledge to get the money you need.
How to get a greater portion of college financial aid in the form of "gift aid" (grants, scholarships, tuition discounts, fee waivers, etc.) - which is free money that you don't have to pay back.
How to find out which colleges are giving the most "lucrative" financial aid awards . . . and why! You're in for a surprise.
What loopholes exist in the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE financial aid applications … and how you can use them to your advantage.
An incredible, little-known government-allowed formula that can substantially increase the amount of your college financial aid package.
What to include on your FAFSA application forms . . . and why it virtually guarantees a "dream" financial aid offering.
Eleven specific and simple financial "cost-busting" techniques. One student used a combination of four strategies and saved $20,842 in one year! This chapter alone is worth more than 100 times the cost of the kit.
How your own employer can help you get more financial aid for college - with no additional costs to them whatsoever!
The truth about how to get a ton of grants & scholarships for college, and why most of those "Scholarship Search Services" are a total waste of time.
How owning your own business can mean receiving the "ultimate" financial aid package.
How almost any family can get financial aid - even if your family income is up to $130,000. There's plenty for everyone!
What divorced parents must do, and how it gets them a TON of college financial aid.
The absolute best time to submit your fafsa application and other financial aid forms, and why it puts you in perfect position to get the most "free money" gift-aid possible!
A knockout strategy for the getting the maximum amount in college scholarships & grants!
How to use college student loans to make an extra $4,083.00 or more during your college years!
How to attend any college in the country - REGARDLESS OF COST!
What booby traps exist in the FAFSA & CSS PROFILE financial aid applications … and how to steer clear (mistakes are a major reason for being offered less aid, or even flat-out denial).
Why colleges that wouldn't even consider you a few years ago are now paying you to attend. Knowledge of this major trend will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you - GUARANTEED!
How to use government funds (federal financial aid) to make money during your college years.
A little-known tax strategy that could virtually open the FINANCIAL AID FLOODGATES!
How to get a part-time job to help pay for college costs, with you deciding how many hours to work!
How a middle-income family can get a low-income college government grant. (Example: Pell Grants. There's plenty for everyone. Nearly $1.0 Billion went unclaimed in the 2002-03 school year.)
A killer strategy that gets colleges competing for your attendance. Sit back and watch them "duel it out" by offering you their best and most lucrative financial aid awards.
The most important calculated number in the whole college financial aid process … and how to get it where you need it.
Why and how understanding this specific government form can save you a mini-fortune.
What to do if you can't afford to make even one mistake! Who can?
What to do if you have very little or no time at all, or if you'd rather eat mud than mess with all the paperwork hassles.
What types of federal financial aid to avoid like the plague. (BEWARE! Uninformed financial aid consumers often get offered these types of aid.)
How to quickly and easily negotiate for more and better quality student financial aid.
The four things you must know before negotiating … and why it's like being armed with a big-barreled bazooka!
How to write negotiation letters that get you bigger and better dollars. I even give you a sample letter that you can model for most situations.
Why good tax planning doesn't always mean good financial aid planning … and how to correct it.
A seven-point checklist that guarantees a monster of a financial aid package.
And last but not least, you'll learn and wonder:
Why college costs ever worried you at all?!?



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