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Here's What Others Are Saying About The Insights & Strategies Revealed In "The No B.S. Guide To Getting Maximum College Financial Aid" - An Amazing New Product That Shows You How To Get All The Grants & Scholarships, and More Financial Aid for College Than You Ever Thought Possible …


"Maybe It Is What You Know After All!"

"We have applied once on our own and received a nice letter advising us we did not qualify. This time we did qualify for Pell and SEOG money*. The strange part is our income was larger this time than when we received nothing. MAYBE IT IS WHAT YOU KNOW AFTER ALL!" "We would not only recommend your services, but have. Our friends took our advice to call Bill Guting, and have since received more money in financial aid than we did!"

Dennis & Judy Adkins

[*Note: Pell and SEOG grants are some of the best types of federal student financial aid you can receive. This is free money that you don't have to pay back!]




Parent Finally Discovers the TRUTH
About Maximizing College Financial Aid

"Your book was not only informative and well-organized but also written with, according to my personal opinion, a single intention in mind: To maximize the amount of financial aid you can get to meet college costs, and to GET IT!"

"I have read many publications, pamphlets, brochures, books in the recent past. Some of them either don't give you a complete picture or some are just filled with complex charts relating aid and GNP (Hey, I only care about how to get the financial aid my son deserves!), and go page after page with totally unrelated materials. However, your book is very different in this context and very resourceful. The best things about the book were the case studies of actual students from varied backgrounds and situations getting aid from various sources."

Mohammad Choudhury
New York




A Simple Letter And Phone Call Delivers An
Extra $16,272 In College Grants!

" . . . one might think the high school counselor will give you the assistance you need . . . wrong! Also, never dreamed you could negotiate with colleges, like buying a car. It seems tacky, but if that's the way the game is played, it's best to know the rules."!

" . . . our award was increased at my daughter's school of choice by $4,068 for the first year. If this continues for 4 years … $16,272 … WOW! That extra money meant my daughter could attend her school of choice … everybody's happy!"

Kaye Sandbek




"Mr. Guting Will Help You Obtain More
Financial Aid Than You Ever Thought Possible!"

" . . . an invaluable source of information for anyone struggling with college costs. . . Mr. Guting leaves no stone unturned. . . The guide is comprehensive, user-friendly, and answers all of your questions, even those you didn't know to ask. Mr. Guting will help you obtain more financial aid than you ever thought possible!"

Ann Bassano
New Jersey




"I Was Struck With Just How Little Information
That Financial Aid Offices at Universities and
Colleges Were Willing To Give!"

"As I began my quest for financial assistance to complete my undergraduate work, I was struck with just how little information that financial aid offices at universities and colleges were willing to give … Well, an uninformed student doesn't know which questions to ask. That's where Bill Guting's guide came into play. It provided me with comprehensive insight into the overall process so that I could formulate my own personal strategy. I would recommend this work with the highest regard."

Shawn Arnette




"I Highly Recommend And Encourage You Invest In
This Before You Make Costly Financial Mistakes!"

" … makes a complex subject simple. It truly enables families to get the most for their education dollar."

"This guide arms you with necessary knowledge of the systems and strategies so you can obtain the most favorable financial aid package possible. I highly recommend and encourage you invest in this before you make costly financial mistakes … My overall rating is A Plus!"

Paul Bachteler



Here's What Others Say About The Secrets I've Shared In My Newsletter,
"The College Cost-Buster Bulletin":


"… It Educates Simply and Concisely How To
Navigate The Often Complex and Confusing Task of
Applying For and Obtaining Financial Aid."

"As a middle-class single parent, I needed thousands of dollars in financial aid to put my daughter through college. I read about Bill Guting's "College Cost-Buster Bulletin" in my local paper and subscribed sight unseen."

"I have been extremely pleased because it educates and explains simply and concisely how to navigate the often complex and confusing task of applying for and obtaining financial aid. After reading my first issue, I realized there was much more to learn than I thought, so I bought and read several financial aid books, magazines, and booklets. Yet, I would continue to go back to
"The College Cost-Buster Bulletin" for clarification and to recheck facts and deadlines."

"In addition, Bill eagerly and gladly answered my questions as they came up because I was a subscriber. I got many times my money's worth in education, and I have enthusiastically recommended Bill's "Bulletin" to several friends."

Barbara Luning




"Now My Children Can Have Some Relaxation And
We, The Parents, Can Have Some Peace of Mind!"

"Since I have been subscribing to "The College Cost-Buster Bulletin", I am sure that my children will make it to college with the guide and the help of Mr. Bill D. Guting."

"The newsletter contains useful information and tips … It tells us all the different scholarships available and what the proper actions we should take are. The newsletter is definitely a worthwhile investment to help our kids get a head start on their way to college."

"Now my children can have some relaxation and we, the parents, can have some peace of mind!"

Soraya Wannasooppon



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